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Burma Shave
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Sex and Sexuality
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Corporate or Professional Training


Professional Training

All teachers in New York State are now required to complete a certain number of hours of professional development in order to maintain their teaching certificate and to be able to move up and over a step for salary increases. We can work with your school to get these trainings approved for education credit. This is a perfect opportunity to educate teachers about how they can become more involved in promoting issues such as abstinence, pregnancy prevention and family involvement among their students. Moreover, we hope this information will encourage teachers to serve as a resource for young people, as well as to advocate for comprehensive sexuality education programs in their district.


Trainings can be customized to suit your organizational and staffing needs.

What in the world is a Burma Shave? - Grassroots Organizing
Put your Power into Action
Through workshops on community organizing, advocacy and anti-racism/anti-oppression, SECS teaches youth, parents and teachers how to advocate effectively for comprehensive sex education. This is a great opportunity to become more involved in advocacy and on Capitol Hill.

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Sex Education that Works: An Overview of Comprehensive Sexuality Education
These trainings will include a thorough overview of Comprehensive Sexuality Education curricula and the varying types of existing sexuality curricula in existence today. We will also explore the need for such curricula in our education system addressing the various wellness issues amongst youth today.

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It's not just a Girl Thing: A Pregnancy Prevention Model for Schools
Workshop participants will receive an in depth view of the scope of the problem of adolescent pregnancy and other risk behaviors as well as gain a deeper understanding of the attitudes of adolescents about sexuality. Participants will be able to implement strategies and interventions that empower students to make healthy decisions and will decrease the possibility of risky behaviors.

Full day trainings will also showcase the extra-curricula programs that exist in the school and within the community in order to connect students to activities that will give them a better sense of self-worth and a stronger connection with others. A discussion with the leaders of these programs about how to engage uninvolved students as well as involving parents will ensue. These trainings can be offered as a 2 hour overview, or a half-day, full-day or 2-day presentation.

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Sex and Sexuality
In this training, participants will define Sexuality and gain an understanding of each aspect of the Circles of Sexuality, including sensuality, sexual and reproductive health, intimacy, and sexual orientation/identity in a positive light.

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In this training participants will gain a basic understanding of HIV/AIDS, transmission, symptoms and the ins and outs of HIV testing.

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STI or STD? The basics of Sexually Transmitted Infections
This training will cover basic information about STIs, including transmission, symptoms, and testing; risk assessment of sexual behaviors; methods of prevention; youth STI infection rates; and fun and interactive activities to educate youth about STIs.

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From BC to EC: A Comprehensive Look at Contraception Options
This training will address all types of behavioral, hormonal and barrier methods exploring the different modes of action, reliability, benefits, risks, contraindications, side effects, and costs.

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Yoga Ed.™ Tools for Teachers
Yoga Ed's Tools for Teachers Professional Development Training is a nationally recognized, cost effective program designed to improve mental health and responsible behavior as well as enhance student productivity and academic achievement. Surveys overwhelmingly confirm that teachers and their students feel and do better when regularly implementing Yoga Tools. Yoga Ed.™ Tools for Teachers offers simple, yoga-based exercises and activities that are designed for the pre-k through high school classroom, need no extra space or equipment and take only 5-15 minutes. Anyone can do them and experience immediate results. When practiced consistently, Yoga Ed.™ helps teachers handle their own pressure and present themselves as a positive role model for their students. Sharing the yoga tools they have embodied with their students, teachers create a more focused, cohesive and supportive learning environment .

For more information visit Yoga Ed.™ (http://www.yogaed.com/teachers.html)

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Corporate or Other Professional Trainings
Not a professional in a school or healthcare environment? SECS can still work for you.

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to motivate your staff, show them your appreciation for their hard work, and exemplify how you do care for their health and happiness? Studies show that even more than monetary rewards, meaningful recognition and staff appreciation is a low cost way of raising morale and encouraging higher levels of performance. Give your team a staff development program that is memorable and a fun way to decompress in the office. Bringing in a SECS workshop will not only revitalize your staff, but will encourage staff bonding which will in turn make for a more connected, communicative and effective team.

Together, we can create a program custom-tailored to your group's interests through:

  • Staff Enrichment Days
  • Learn-At-Lunch
  • Annual In-services
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For further information or to schedule a workshop please call Heather at 631-478-7301, email her at info@secstalk.org, or fill out our contact form.




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