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Hi, Thank you for putting together last nights puberty talk, It was a great stepping stone to get the lines of communication open between mother and daughter for the up coming changes that will start soon enough. I really liked how down to earth Heather was and her energy was great too. Thank you again. Locust Valley -Elementary Parent

You have been so highly recommended by so many sources that I wanted to reach out to you and ask if you would consider speaking at our school again....your positive influence has no bounds!
-South Salem HSA

I learned that my husband and I can make a deeper connection. I appreciate Heather's openness and honesty about a subject that is sometimes difficult to discuss.
-Couples Tantra Participant

Heather's enthusiasm was overwhelming delicious.
-Tantra Participant

Our parents were so excited by your first Parent program that they insisted we have you back. I personally learned a lot of ways to communicate with my children and have been practicing at every "teachable moment" that presents itself. You provided us with great advice, useful facts and many techniques to help us make the most of any conversation with our kids.
-Baylis Elementary School PTA

You certainly gave our members a great behind-the-scenes look at the important health and safety choices and potential problems that face our families today. Your frank and sincere approach to these issues really helped to make our members comfortable and willing to actively participate in the evening's discussion. The creative ways you discussed to encourage communication with our teenagers - and most importantly that this is a process that begins at their birth - really added to our awareness as parents of what an incredible responsibility we have to our children. We were truly impressed with the presentation and the genuine concern shown by Heather.
-Valley Stream Central/Memorial PTSA

Heather did an excellent job speaking to our students during our "Wellness Theme Week." Heather has a wonderful rapport with students. She is successful at making them feel comfortable, and is able to give them pertinent information, while skillfully drawing them into the discussion with her relevant questions.
-East Rockaway Schools

 The SADD organization of Solomon Schechter would like to thank you for helping us reach our goal of educating students about the consequences of unhealthy decisions. Our students were interested, inspired and enlightened by your presentation.

Thank you for your presentation to our caseworkers at the Nassau County Department of Social Services on Self-Image and Relationships. Our staff appreciated your vast knowledge of the subject matter and your interactive style in presenting the material. Your continued willingness to educate our caseworkers on various aspects regarding sexuality is most valuable in assisting caseworkers in their delivery of services to our clients.

I would recommend this speaker to other students because she is very dedicated to her job and she really wants to educate teens on the subject of Date Rape. I think Heather should come back because I really learned a lot from her that I never knew.
- East Rockaway High School Student

By enlightening our adult participants as to the nuances of building leadership skills for girls in today's environment you have helped us accomplish one of our most important goals of the conference, to educate the educators. Thank you, Heather, for your leadership in
- Today's Girls - Tomorrow's Leaders
. Long Island Fund for Women and Girls

Heather made everyone feel comfortable using her fun and real personality.
- High School Student

What I liked most about the Teen and Parenting workshop was the fact that someone else like Heather, besides ourselves care enough to help us take care of ourselves.
- High School Student

We would like to present our sincere gratitude for your presentation of the Self-Esteem Workshop at the Girls Retreat, "Taking Care of Me!" Our aim was to make this an empowering and uplifting experience for all the participants, and Heather, you helped us achieve this goal.
- Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect

 Northside Elementary School was fortunate enough to have a parent workshop led by Heather. Heather made everyone feel comfortable, and at ease. Her understanding and assurances enabled people to freely discuss their needs and feelings. She allowed the parents to discover their own values; she did not project her personal principles on them. After the seminar, Heather was surrounded by people expressing their thanks for a motivating, helpful evening.

Heather was a terrific speaker, very charismatic as well as sensitive to the questions and comments from the students. Heather's ability to really speak to them on their level was amazing being that she has also played the role of Resident Assistant. This was very helpful and appreciated by our student staff. It was refreshing to see such a topic like Contraception and Sexual Harassment approached in a way that the group felt comfortable conversing with Heather openly from start to finish. We really appreciate Heather's hard work and professionalism, which we have been privy to throughout every presentation she has given at Five Towns College . The staff and students truly enjoy having her here.





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